Two stories of benefactors with assistance from ChatGPT

Two benefactor stories with the assistance of ChatGPT created from a prompt sent by Kiki a Workalibur reader. Prompt for ChatGPT generate story Create a story about a character who receives support from a benefactor Max´s benefactor a ChatGPT story There once was a young man named Max who had big dreams of becoming a… Seguir leyendo Two stories of benefactors with assistance from ChatGPT

AI joke generator

An AI joke generator is an AI generator trained to write jokes from an input prompt. This input prompt is a topic, a text or an idea. AI is a Joke – AI joke generator AI is a Joke is an AI joke generator. You can enter a topic and get an AI-generated joke for… Seguir leyendo AI joke generator

ChatGPT an story idea generator

In this post we explore the potentialities of ChatGPT as a story idea generator, story generator and story writer assistant. You will find story ideas of different genres including instagram story ideas and fan fiction stories. The post concludes with an assessment of ChatGPT about its potential that seems quite impartial and objective. 7 story… Seguir leyendo ChatGPT an story idea generator

10 AI Dungeon alternatives

In this post, we will explore 10 alternatives to AI Dungeon, each offering its own unique features and capabilities. From open-source tools to paid platforms, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to create your own text-based game, write interactive stories, or experience branching narratives, these alternatives provide a variety of options to explore. So,… Seguir leyendo 10 AI Dungeon alternatives

ChatGPT: Un generador de historias AI

(See the english version) ¿Eres escritor en busca de inspiración? ¿O tal vez eres un marketer buscando una nueva forma de contar la historia de tu marca? No busques más allá de ChatGPT, un generador de historias AI que te puede ayudar a crear historias interesantes y únicas con solo un clic. ChatGPT es un… Seguir leyendo ChatGPT: Un generador de historias AI

ChatGPT: An AI Story Generator

(ver la versión en español) Are you a writer in search of inspiration? Or perhaps you’re a marketer looking for a new way to tell your brand’s story? Look no further than ChatGPT, an AI story generator that can help you create compelling and unique stories. Read some stories generated with ChatGPT. AI story generator… Seguir leyendo ChatGPT: An AI Story Generator