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Two benefactor stories with the assistance of ChatGPT created from a prompt sent by Kiki a Workalibur reader.

Prompt for ChatGPT generate story

Create a story about a character who receives support from a benefactor

Max´s benefactor a ChatGPT story

There once was a young man named Max who had big dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He had many ideas and was passionate about making them a reality, but he lacked the financial resources to get started.

One day, Max met a wealthy businessman named Mr. Johnson. Max had always admired Mr. Johnson’s success and was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with him. Max shared his business ideas with Mr. Johnson, and to his surprise, Mr. Johnson was impressed. He saw potential in Max and believed in his ideas.

Mr. Johnson offered to be Max’s benefactor and provide him with the financial support he needed to launch his business. Max was overjoyed and grateful for this opportunity. With Mr. Johnson’s financial support, Max was able to turn his dreams into reality.

Mr. Johnson not only provided Max with financial support but also mentored him and shared his own business experiences. Max learned a lot from Mr. Johnson and was grateful for his guidance.

Max’s business was a success, and he became one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in his industry. He never forgot the support he received from Mr. Johnson and remained in contact with him over the years. Max eventually became a benefactor himself, helping other young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, just like Mr. Johnson did for him.

Max knew that he wouldn’t be where he was today without the support of his benefactor, Mr. Johnson. He was forever grateful for the opportunity and vowed to pay it forward to others who needed a helping hand.

Prompt for ChatGPT generate a second story

Create other story about a character who receives support from a benefactor

Sophie ´s benefactor a ChatGPT story

Sophie had always loved music, ever since she was a little girl. She played piano and sang beautifully, and her dream was to pursue a career in music. However, her family didn’t have the financial resources to support her dreams, and Sophie knew that she wouldn’t be able to afford the education and training she needed to make it in the music industry.

One day, Sophie was performing at a local cafe when a woman named Ms. Wilson approached her after the show. Ms. Wilson was a successful music producer who had been impressed by Sophie’s performance. She saw potential in Sophie and offered to be her benefactor, providing her with the financial support she needed to pursue her music career.

Sophie was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement. With Ms. Wilson’s support, she was able to attend the best music schools and receive the training and mentorship she needed to hone her craft. Ms. Wilson also introduced her to influential people in the music industry, helping her make important connections that would help her succeed.

Sophie worked hard and was dedicated to her music. She recorded her first album, which was an instant hit, and soon she was touring the world, performing in sold-out venues and winning awards. Ms. Wilson remained by her side throughout the journey, offering guidance and support whenever Sophie needed it.

Sophie’s success was due, in large part, to the support she received from Ms. Wilson. She knew that without Ms. Wilson’s help, she wouldn’t have been able to achieve her dreams. Sophie remained grateful for the rest of her life, and when she became successful herself, she made it a point to give back to others who needed support and guidance, just like Ms. Wilson did for her.

Analysis of the AI generated story

These are two stories created with the assistance of ChatGPT from the prompt «Create a story about a character who receives support from a benefactor». These are two stories created with the assistance of ChatGPT from the prompt «Create a story about a character who receives support from a benefactor». Do you think they are good stories? Do they seem original stories to you? Do you think at least a script or idea to create a good story?

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