James’s controversial experiment

Once upon a time, there was a man named James who was absolutely certain that all human beings have leadership qualities. He believed that given the right conditions and opportunities, anyone could become a great leader. So, James enrolled in a company and worked hard to rise through the ranks. Eventually, he became the leader… Seguir leyendo James’s controversial experiment

Story with moral about leadership principles

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a leader named Max. Max was a kind and just leader who was loved and respected by all the villagers. However, Max was getting older and knew that he needed to pass on his leadership skills to someone else. One day, Max called upon all… Seguir leyendo Story with moral about leadership principles

ChatGPT an story idea generator

In this post we explore the potentialities of ChatGPT as a story idea generator, story generator and story writer assistant. You will find story ideas of different genres including instagram story ideas and fan fiction stories. The post concludes with an assessment of ChatGPT about its potential that seems quite impartial and objective. 7 story… Seguir leyendo ChatGPT an story idea generator