Once upon a time, there was a man named James who was absolutely certain that all human beings have leadership qualities. He believed that given the right conditions and opportunities, anyone could become a great leader.

So, James enrolled in a company and worked hard to rise through the ranks. Eventually, he became the leader of a department.

As soon as James took over, he implemented a system similar to Scrum. He encouraged his colleagues to work as a team and rotate through all the roles in the department, including the role of department leader. This would give everyone the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

At first, some of James’ colleagues were skeptical, but he assured them that with this system, they would all learn to respect each other’s work, understand the importance of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes, and become more empathetic.

In less than three months, James’ colleagues had rotated through all the roles in the department and had become more empathetic. The department had been revitalized, and the roles of each person and the company processes became clearer.

A year later, James was promoted, and several of his colleagues were also promoted with the goal of spreading the work model to other departments. However, the generalization failed because it was not born from within.

The moral of the story is that leadership can be developed in anyone given the right conditions and opportunities. When everyone works together as a team and understands each other’s roles, a positive and transformative change can occur.

Explanatory Note: These stories have been generated with the assistance of ChatGPT. My thanks to OpenAI and all the writers whose works were used in ChatGPT training.

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