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Workalibur Ads Services is a free advertising service sponsored by PreciseFuture. This advertising service works like any bulletin board. But Workalibur Ads validates spam comments and feeds off of them.

What is a spam comment?

A spam comment is a generic comment like «What a great post! I agree with your ideas.» This comment is inserted in any post and its sole objective is to gain a backlink to another website.

The worst thing about spam comments is that they are generally sent from an IP reported as malicious or abusive. Therefore, this damages the reputation of the user who sends the comment and the site that receives it.

Additionally, spam comments usually come with fake emails and contain affiliate marketing links.

That’s why Workalibur validates comments before inserting them into Workalibur Ads.

Data mining of spam comments

Spam comments are worth data mining. Because in many cases these are entrepreneurs whose websites fail to rank on Google. Therefore, they do not receive organic traffic. Then they find the GSA blasting option and try to get thousands of backlinks.

Workalibur Ads is a new space to advertise these new online businesses that do not have the opportunity to rank among the top 30 Google results.

Comment mining includes email address validation and website url validation.

Why can GSA blasting be harmful?

GSA blasting inserts ads from IPs reported as malicious and abusive. It also inserts comments in entries not related to the content of the site to which they create the backlink. The result is low-quality backlinks that produce no traffic for the site they point to. But they also damage the post where they are inserted as a result of reducing the density of keywords by inserting generic content, irrelevant to the topic or even from another unrelated topic.

On the contrary, in Workalibur Ads each comment, once validated, becomes an advertisement within a page dedicated to the topic.

The content on this page is structured to rank for certain keywords related to a given service. For example, essay writing services. Therefore, the backlinks from this page to sites that offer essay writing services are quality backlinks.

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