Who is Bryan Taylor Reverón

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Bryan Taylor Reverón appears to be associated with various online platforms and activities. Here are some snippets of information found online:

    Facebook Profile:

  • Bryan Taylor Reverón has a Facebook profile, which might contain personal information or activities he’s involved in.

    Precise Future Website:

  • Bryan has been mentioned in a post dated November 30, 2022, regarding improving user experience, performance, and organic positioning of a site by deploying a CDN with Amazon CloudFront.

    Online Tutoring – Classgap (Spanish):

  • Bryan Taylor Reverón is listed as an online tutor for Econometrics and Mathematics on Classgap, a platform for online tutoring. His rate is listed as $10/h, and the platform seems to indicate he is located in Spain.

    Bryan Reveron’s Portfolio:

  • There is a portfolio website for a Bryan Reveron (without the «Taylor») who specializes in UI/UX design, user research, and prototyping for mobile and desktop designs. It’s not clear if this is the same individual.

Insights & Questions

  • Multiple Roles: Bryan Taylor Reverón seems to be engaged in various activities online, including tutoring and possibly IT-related work. How does his expertise in Econometrics and Mathematics contribute to his role in PreciseFuture OÜ?
  • Online Presence: Bryan seems to have a presence on various platforms, including tutoring and possibly IT-related websites. How does his online presence reflect his professional and personal interests?
  • Verification: Given the commonality of names, how can we verify that the Bryan Taylor Reverón associated with PreciseFuture OÜ is the same individual found in these various online platforms?

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