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You will find 13 search results for consignment store at But only one is really a consignment store WordPress plugin.

¿Why shows 13 search results? Because many WordPress plugins for WooCommerce are dealing with shipping consignments when the store acts like a consignor. That means the store delivers its products to a consignment store.

Then, how can you create a consignment store powered by WordPress? You might consider this only plugin or you can try other solutions like multi vendor and marketplace for WordPress. Because this is the way followed by others consignment store owners.

Consignment store WordPress plugin for WooCommerce

Title: Consignment Store For WooCommerce

Developer:  Charlene’s Web Services

Description: CWS Consignment Store for WooCommerce lets the general public upload their items for consideration to your online and physical consignment store. You will be notified that an item has been submitted. You can review the item and either approve or reject. If you approve, the item will be added to WooCommerce and is immediately available in your store. You may change the “split” on the revenue from the item. The default is 50-50. If you reject, the seller will be notified by email. You can also use the plugin to put your existing inventory online. Use the easy form, snap a few pictures, and it will automatically be added to your WooCommerce online store without going through the approval step. Uninstalling the plugin will remove all associated tables and data.

Version: 1.7.1   

Last updated: 2 months ago       

Active installations: 10+

WordPress Version: 5.8 or higher

Tested up to: 6.0.3         

PHP Version: 7.3 or higher

Languages: English (US) and Swedish.

Pros and cons for Charlene´s consignment store WordPress plugin

Pros: The Charlene´s experience and expertise building WordPress sites. This is a supported and updated plugin.

Cons: The plugin only have 10+ active installations. Only translated to English and Swedish languages.

About consignment store WordPress plugins

Consignment store WordPress plugin is not a popular ones type or category. I have done an intense search on Google and I can’t find examples of consignment stores created with WordPress. However, I think, there are at least a bunch of consignment store with WordPress and WooCoomerce. But the owners manage products like owns products. For example developed by Rosa Mora.

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